Six months of SALT - all heart or all hype?

It's something the Christian single community have been buzzing about over the last 6 months and we've finally gathered enough data and anecdotes to present our findings on the newest Christian dating app - is it worthy of all the hype?

The Salt App launched in the Summer of 2018 after a lot of instagram buzz. London based Paul and Sophie Rider felt passionate about creating new and improved ways for single Christians to meet online and they developed the app, initially on a shoestring. Now it's run by a team of people and is rapidly growing in reputation and success.

Various members of our team have been trialing it recently so here are our thoughts so far...

Setting up

The app is very easy to set up - I have to say at the time I was feeling a little lack lustre about online dating generally so was happy that there weren't millions of boxes to fill in.

The visuals are very pretty - possibly a little feminine in an industry which needs to use all its nouse to engage the limited pool of men out there. However I thought the simplicity of the profile was great - having been on Bumble where there's photos, Spotify accounts, questions and quotes all over the shop - it was really clear but also looked attractive.

It's free which is brilliant! This has an impact in loads of ways...

When I've used websites with a subscriptions many people have an account which isn't active -meaning they can't message back. This can mean you waste a lot of time coming up with the perfect first message only to be ignored by some cheapskate who didn't pay!

Secondly it means you can dip in and out. People I've spoken to have downloaded the app, gone on a few dates, had a break and then downloaded it again. This is a really healthy way to use online dating and a free app makes this easier - unlike a subscription which is more like an unused gym membership, sitting there making you feel guilty....


Although the app presents in the swiping format you actually need to press the heart or cross to match with people. Perhaps disappointing for those who enjoy that satisfying swiping motion... you'll have to find your kicks swiping through instagram stories instead...

However I still think this is the best format - despite accidentally X someone who I was interested in and crying over the fact I'd probably never come across them again - because you get to consider each person - rather than just looking at an intimidating wall of faces!

I really liked the swiping limit - as Char mentioned in last weeks blog about Tinder - it's easy to begin to swipe through people for fun and forget that they are really people.

The only negative I found was the location - it was hard to see where people were from and then I didnt realise I was using GPS for my location so after I'd driven a few junctions down the M! I started matching with all these people from miles away - definitely something I was trying to avoid!


Here's an app with a well thought out messaging platform -

No indication of whether the person is online or whether they've read your message. I always find this much better for my mental health than speculating over why someone hasn't replied.

I just make up a nice story in my head that they accidentally dropped their phone down the toilet and they're sobbing over the fact they never got to message me back.


Well once again we're not gonna share any of our stories but from our experience a fair few matches have moved on to actual dates which is a positive. People are joining on a regular basis so there's lots of opportunity to meet someone new.

One complaint has been that there aren't many men on the app - unfortunately that is the case for all Christian dating apps and sites.

The ratios are often this way because of the gender make up of the church - also the stigma attached to dating, especially online dating.

However Salt have made a big effort to target a group of millennials who may not have considered using internet dating before and for this we salute them.

The only way to bring about change is to keep smashing stigmas in the church and Christian communities about dating and to encourage and support people as they use online dating sites and apps.

Soooo... why don't you give it a go?

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