Step up, step out - 5 Reasons YOU should join an Honoured hosting team - whether you're an intro

I am not an extrovert.

If you've ever met me that would probably suprise you.

I'm pretty outgoing, confident and chatty.

But in all honesty, social situations make me anxious and tired out and just want to hide under a bed and scroll through instagram for a few hours on my own.

So it's kind of random that I've ended up involved in Honoured where most of the time I'm hosting events, chatting to strangers and introducing people to each other.

Despite the fear I feel every time we host an event here's why I love it - and why you should get involved with hosting Honoured events...

1. It's an opportunity to be a blessing

What an awesome honour to bring people together! Honoured events are very relaxed but being the person who can welcome someone and make sure they are introduced to others could be the difference for them between an ok evening and a brilliant one. Most people come feeling terrified and wondering why they didn't just stay home and watch Luther in their pyjamas - it's exciting to see people arriving feeling apprehensive but then ending up having the best night.

2. It's an opportunity to have a role

Having a clearly defined role makes social situations easier. If you've ever been on a welcoming team at church you'll know this is true! As soon as you are more intentional about welcoming people and putting them at ease, it becomes easier to do. At Honoured events our hosts wear black t-shirts too so all our guests know they are representing Honoured and not just trying to chat them up!

3. It's an opportunity to meet people

I have made so many friends through Honoured that have encouraged and supported me. We often don't get chance to meet people from different churches but Honoured brings together people from different denominations and church communities and forms real bonds and friendships.

4. It's an opportunity to do something scary

If I've learnt anything over the years it's that moving forward involved doing things that push us out of our comfort zone. That's when we grow the most, where we see God's power revealed as we rely on him more and where we find a buzz and excitement that keeps life interesting. If you don't naturally find it easy to socialise, it doesn't mean this isn't an opportunity for you - it means you should probably go for it!

5. It's an opportunity to be part of an awesome team

Across the 3 cities where we currently run events friendships have grown through the hosting teams running events together and planning future events. There's so many opportunities to get involved and to bring your own ideas for events and how to make Honoured bigger and better. Honoured is run by single people, mainly in their spare time - so there's every chance for you to bring something integral to the team.

We need you!

We'd love to see Honoured grow but for this to happen we need people to join the team and get involved in planning and hosting events. Whether you find chatting to people easy or not, whether socialising gives you a buzz or makes you freak out - there's a place for you on the Honoured team. If you feel like this is something you would be interested in then please get in touch for more details

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