One Month on CrossPaths

'I think we've found Christian Tinder!' I said to my friend in delight as we first discovered the CrossPaths app. Recently I've spoken to so many people about internet dating and especially the woes and despair of internet dating for Christians so I was so interested to find a new alternative and try it out.

It was hard to find out much about the app as its origins are shrouded in romantic mystery... what I can tell you is that it's American in origin and comes from the global company Sparks who also run Chrisitan Mingle and EliteSingles. I'm not sure they've put a lot of time or money into marketing it in the UK so it's not too well known as yet.

Anyway after a month using the app here's my review... sneaky spoiler – its five star!

Setting up

Crosspaths is super easy to set up. It's just an app you can download on your phone. Recently my friend managed to download it and set it up whilst simultaneously eating a frittata and drinking an americano – yes we're extra – so I feel like any capable person could do it in two ticks. You can link it to your Facebook or Instagram profiles (obviously without anything posting on your newsfeed declaring to your hundreds of followers that you're using the app.) You only have to write a sentence about yourself if you like and you can include as much or as little information from your Facebook page as you like.

Best part is it's totally free!

Unlike Tinder and other non Christian apps it has a statement that you choose to describe your faith. For example -

'I attend church at least once a week and believe the Bible is the literal, inspired word of God'


'Faith plays an important role in my life but I don't believe church attendance defines my devotion.'

This may seem a little reductive and I wonder to what extent people might choose a statement that they think will be appealing to the type of person they want to meet. However it does make it distinctive and recognises that 'Christian' covers a broad range of different believes and values.

It made me consider other faith based information I might need – like I couldn't date anyone who doesn't raise their hands in the bridge of Beautiful Name – but I guess you can message to find out more.


Swiping was new to me. I've never used Tinder before and the first profile that came up was a guy dressed as a chicken so I was immediately thrown into confusion. But after some initial panic I actually think it's quite a good structure. Compared to using other sites where the profiles are all on view like a shop of men/women it's actually less intimidating to consider one person at a time. I was more likely to make a quick decision about people based on looks and less likely to worry over people messaging back or not. The negative side of this was once you've 'passed' on someone you don't have another chance to change your mind. It also doesn't give them chance to surprise you by sending a funny or interesting first message because you can only message if you match.

There aren't currently loads of people using the app so it doesn't take long to swipe through everyone but hopefully this will change as people begin to find out about it.


My favourite thing about this app is the messenger.

There's no indication as to whether the person has read your message or not, no indication of whether they are typing and you can't tell if they're online or when they were last online. They cant tell if you're hovering over the keys or re re writing a message for the thousandth time to make it sound more interesting/funny/more spiritual/ less spiritual.

I found this so helpful because I found I wasn't preoccupied worrying about why they hadn't replied when I could see they'd read my message or wondering why they'd been online and hadn't messaged me. My least favourite thing about internet dating is the unnecessary brain space taken up by stressing about such things. Too much information just messes with your head and is not actually useful for any of the parties involved.


Well... after I sadly passed on chicken boy (can't be doing with that kind of drama in my life) I didn't get loads of matches but knowing I wasn't paying for the service made it easier to take and I didn't mind leaving the app on my phone and felt pretty relaxed about it. So far I've been on one date – but it was pretty awesome. I wont be posting the details here though. You'll have to try that out for yourself and write your own review...

Friends, I reckon this is actually a great app and if we can spread the word and get more people on board it could be great for Christian singles, especially tightwad millennials who don't like paying for stuff! So have a go, share it with your friends and let us know how you get on!

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