Dear Married Friends...

Dear Married Friends,

Firstly, I love you guys.

Thanks for letting me crash your date night and pretending so convincingly that you don’t mind.

Thanks for letting me sit in the front of the car while one of you sits in the back – I like to be in control of the music.

Thanks for always facebook stalking my dates and whatsapping me pictures of them from 5 years ago.

Thanks for praying that I’ll meet the right person and never losing hope that I will.

You guys are great. But here are a few requests…

Please don’t tell me that marriage isn’t as great as everyone thinks and that I should enjoy single life. It makes me want to punch you in the face. Some days I’ll be loving the freedom of single life and I’ll feel full of God’s purpose and strength… but most days I’ll just want to eat peanut butter with a spoon and refresh my Instagram feed every 30 seconds. Being single can be a lot of fun but it can be so lonely and God made us for relationship – even when they’re messy or annoying. It’s ok for me to want that.

Please don’t tell me about some great person you are going to set me up with who is ‘perfect for me’ and then never make it happen. It’s like offering me cake but never actually getting me any! I always want to try the cake – even if I don’t know whether I’ll like it or not.

Please invite me to stuff… even dinner parties where there are only going to be couples. I love hanging out with you guys. If the prospect isn’t very appealing I’ll just make up a fake excuse not to come… but I still want to be invited!

And please, please, please don’t hide your happiness. I don’t need to know negatives about your marriage to make me feel better. I am very happy for you to have a great marriage, it gives me something to aspire to. Please feel free to write soppy facebook statuses, to ask me to babysit for dates and to hold hands in front of me – although I draw the line at snogging, keep the PDA u-rated please! Marriage is a beautiful thing and I think its amazing how God uses the overflow of love to shower kindness and generosity onto other people.

Thanks for always being there,

Your single friend

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