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Listen to our podcast mini series where our team share their experiences and advice on navigating the complicated world of dating. We discuss internet dating, making profiles, how our faith effects our dating choices and values, whether it's ok to wear black shoes with blue jeans and where do people go when they 'ghost'....

Episode 1 : Making a dating profile
Episode 2: Setting your Standards 

Join Honoured founder Lora and team members Petrona and Conor as they discuss the tricky art of creating a dating profile. How much should you say about your faith?  How much should you share about your life? Should you include photos of volcanos or waterfalls? We're no experts but hope you enjoy our amusing and honest ramblings on the subject...

Join us on our first podcast where we discuss the pros and cons of being single at Christian festivals and share some of our own experiences...

Going solo at a festival...
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